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Foggy Forest

Welcome and thanks for visiting GeoTeg

What's it all about?

One of the sustainable development goals for 2030 is clean and affordable energy. Although big strides have been made with solar and wind power, we're not even close. 
Besides intensiving humanity's efforts there, innovation and the creation of new possibilities are of vital importance.

We believe that harvesting geothermal energy, the warmth of our planet, can and should be a main contributor in the transition to a worldwide sustainable energy supply.

The GeoTeg initiative was founded to contribute in this transition, and our primary goal is to develop and distribute unique geothermal electricity generators.
GeoTegs innovations, patents pending, will make these electricity generators: silent, no maintenance required, minimal visible, highly durable, easy installable, highly recyclable, and with its modular design 
adaptive to future technological advances. Excited yet?  Do you want to know more about.......?

“Big things have small beginnings..."


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